Sewing Machine Confidence

Gaining confidence with a new machine

Gaining confidence with a new machine

You need some time to play with a new machine, and not be daunted by it, otherwise it’s all too easy to put it off for another day. If this is the case the Sewing Machine Workbox is a personalised sewing class tailored for you to give you sewing machine confidence. I will spend the morning with you helping you to find out what the machine can do and teaching you some basic skills. After a nourishing home made soup lunch it’s time to put those new skills into action and make “The Workbox Tote Bag”. The bag will have a semi-circular pocket, which you will make, and which will give you the basics needed for sewing curves; these techniques are also essential for dress making should you want to move on to this in the future. So begins the steady building up of the skills needed to tackle any project.

In the first two years of Spinney Brook Workbox I have been excited to see so many people getting their machines out of their boxes or cupboards and really starting to enjoy them. From Sudbury to Framlingham, Ipswich to Bury St Edmunds, Colchester to Cambridge confidence is growing. It is so satisfying to make something yourself, for yourself or for someone else. So don’t give up, just have another go. It’s like anything else it takes practice for it to become second nature. Whether it’s for soft furnishings, clothes, gifts, or just to run up a quick costume for the school play it’s a useful and enjoyable hobby.

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