Sewing Classes for Children and Young People

Mother and daughter – sewing classes for children

Start them young! Sewing classes for children and young people should be enormous fun. I now have a number of classes for young sewing enthusiasts who are really enjoying themselves. They are fearless with the sewing machine without so many of the anxieties of adults. They want to play with the machine to find out what it can do and are happy to rise to the challenge. Two 9 year olds from Lawshall have made lovely appliqued cushion covers.

I have memories of sewing at school. Projects used to take a whole year to complete. One of my newly enthusiastic adult students remembers being told she had “rushed it” when her skirt took a whole school year to finish! That was often enough to kill any budding enthusiasm. Sewing for children and young people should be exciting.

In my sewing classes for children and young people I always plan that  pupils walk away with a completed item even on the first day. Usually it is a simple drawstring bag.  With an applique design it is special and unique to them, as they have chosen the fabrics and the thread colours.

Annabel and her Mum from Manningtree, both made great knicker bags as their first ever projects.

Certain projects will require more preparation and will be more time consuming.  I do explain this to the children because they might need special actions.  For example, tailors’ tacks to mark information from the pattern and tacking when the fabric is tricky. I try to move things along as quickly as ability allows so that results give encouragement. Then skills can be built on with cutting out, pinning, sewing buttons etc. This can sometimes be challenging for a complete beginner.

Katherine, 14, from Waldingfield, Sudbury has created a unique chicken

Katherine’s Chicken Bag

shaped handbag she hopes to sell. Now to perfect the finish.

I have always loved sewing with a machine because your project comes together quickly and you can see progress. I think this is important for the beginner so they want to continue to build their skills. Sewing classes  for children and young people should be about nurturing enthusiasm.

So keep those sewing machines whirring in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.  Give it a go and don’t be afraid; most mistakes can be corrected with use of the un-picker provided with every sewing machine!

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