Building confidence for using paper patterns

Sewing classes in building confidence for using paper patterns

Example Pattern

Help! Have you never used a pattern and are overwhelmed by the very thought of it? What do the markings mean, how do I pin it to the fabric? Fear not, help is at hand in a sewing class with me that will help you in building confidence for using paper patterns. There are a few things to think about when planning your first project using a pattern. It is better to walk before you run and first things first – choose an easy project; a simple top or skirt.

Measure yourself honestly and check the sizing on the pattern to work out your size. Very often you will be a combination of sizes and the pattern can be adjusted accordingly. In a personalised way, working with you I will show you the techniques for how triangles and other shapes on the outside of the pattern pieces need to be cut outwards so that they are used to match pieces together. I will also demonstrate how the details of darts (V shapes on the pattern used to give shape and fit) need to be transferred onto the fabric so that the information you need is available when joining the pieces. The important thing is to follow the instructions step by and step and not try to take short cuts.

I will help you gain the confidence to cut out the pattern to your size, to fold the fabric as instructed, and to pin the pattern onto the fabric so that the straight grain of the fabric lies correctly. The straight grain has no stretch in it and it is important to get this right so the item of clothing hangs properly.  These basics will give you the foundation for a successful finished item, and I will be able to give you the confidence to achieve this.

Once you have worked through a pattern with the personal touch from my personalised sewing classes, you will have the confidence to be able to gradually build your skill and ability. As with everything, it is all about practice and it won’t be long before you will be making and creating your very own personal item of clothing – something unique, made to measure and just for you.

My sewing classes at Spinney Brook Workbox are within easy reach of Hadleigh, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Colchester and Ipswich and will go a long way to building confidence in using paper patterns.

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