New to Sewing – which machine to buy?

Spinney Brook Workbox Sewing Machines

Spinney Brook Workbox Sewing Machines

I would love you to enjoy sewing as much as I do. It is fun to try a new hobby so at my classes you can borrow one of my sewing machines if you haven’t got your own yet. The make I use is Juki; they are wonderful, but also quite expensive. Therefore, if you are not sure just how much sewing you will do, I have also just invested in a Brother Machine which is the bottom of the computerised range and at about £200 is a great buy. There are, of course, other similar machines from other manufacturers worth looking at. Try making a list of the sort of things you want to make and what you need the machine to do. It is quite a big investment and you don’t want to “outgrow” the machine too soon after buying it.

If you are looking for something a bit better than basic here are a few features, which I feel are worth considering: top loading bobbin (easier and better tension control); speed control (especially as a beginner); needle threader (for those of us who struggle threading needles); one stage automatic button hole (just so effortless). It is also a big advantage to be able to alter the width and length of stitches.

For children I would recommend buying a bottom of the range adult machine rather than the so-called children’s models. From my experience with the ones some of the youngsters have brought along to classes they are not very easy to use; the pedals are not easy to regulate pressure and they do not come with a speed control, which would be a great help if the pedal is not sensitive enough. One eight year old who came for a lesson had a Brother L14, which she was able to control well with the pedal. This is a non-computerised machine with a good selection of basic stitches, a modest price ticket and one that won’t be “outgrown” too soon. From Sewing Machines Direct it is £89 and comes with 50 threads, a pack of scissors and other accessories. This is a fantastic deal and you have everything you need to get sewing. (See the link to Sewing Machines Direct on my home page.)

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